LFM330 Tyvek 75 g/m²

Robust and strong low-weight banner composed of flash spun high-density polyethylene fibres. This uncoated Tyvek is printable with the CrystalPoint Technology (CW 700, 3700 and 3800) and on Colorado1650 in matte mode Tyvek is a DuPont trademark.

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Article Width in Inch/DIN Width x length Packaging quantity Order multiple Remark
97004379 420 mm x 50 m1 Roll1 Roll2966V162
97004379 420 mm x 50 m1 Roll1 Roll2966V162
97004048A1594 mm x 50 m1 Roll1 Roll7718B006AA
97004048A1594 mm x 50 m1 Roll1 Roll7718B006AA
97002867A0841 mm x 50 m1 Roll1 Roll7718B003AA
97001453 914 mm x 50 m1 Roll1 Roll7718B001AA
97002868 1067 mm x 50 m1 Roll1 Roll7718B004AA

Compatible laminates

Listed below are the compatible laminate categories. If you would like to request a quotation please check the related products and confirm your choice by selecting the request quotation button.

QualityProduct descriptionSubstanceSpecs
Cold Laminates
DOL1460Avery Cast vinyl Laminate Gloss, permanent30 µm
DOL1480Avery Cast vinyl Laminate Matt, permanent30 µm
DOL2460Avery Polymeric Laminate Gloss Perm.80 µm
DOL2470Avery Polymeric Laminate Lustre Perm.80 µm
DOL2480Avery Polymeric Laminate Matt Perm.80 µm
DOL2860Avery Polymeric Laminate Gloss Perm.80 µm
DOL2880Avery Polymeric Laminate Matt Perm.80 µm
DOL3460Avery Monomeric Laminate Gloss Permanent80 µm
DOL3470Avery Monomeric Laminate Lustre Perm.80 µm
DOL3480Avery Monomeric Laminate Matt Perm.80 µm
DOL4000Avery Cast vinyl Cristal Clear50 µm
DOL4300Avery Clear Polyester Laminate Gloss, permanent23 µm
FIN963Cold Economy Lamination Film Gloss70 µm
FIN973Cold Polymeric Lamination Film Gloss70 µm
FIN982Cold PVC Lamination Film Matt Grained100 µm
FIN990PVC Free Laminating Film Clear, Gloss60 µm
FIN991PVC Free Laminating Film Clear, Matte60 µm
FIN992PVC Free Laminating Film Clear, Gloss FR65 µm
FIN993PVC Free Laminating Film Clear, Matte FR65 µm